Thursday, November 1, 2007

Enchanted Forest

This was the last show I curated at Lobot Gallery in Oakland California ( At the opening a few kids camped out overnight in tents. The digital tree was created by Ross G. Campbell, and the photo's on the wall to the left of the tree are by Sangyon Joo. Lucrecia Troncoso made the green deer, the material is irish spring soap. The cardboard castle is a piece by Amy Lee, and the hanging cocoon in the same picture was created with straw wrappers by Evan Holm. The cosy lawn with picnic supplies (wine, bread and cheese) is Abigail Glowgower ( aka Abby G.)

august 4th - september 2nd 2007 "Enchanted Forest"
Art by;
Nathan Ross Davis, Nat Russell, Ryan Junell, Ross G. Campbell, Sangyon Joo, Renee Gertler, David Wilson, Lana Porcello, Abigail Glogower, Amy Lee, Lucrecia Troncoso, Manny Silva, Jesse Schlesinger, John Abduljaami, Stephani Martinez, Lana Porcello and Evan Holm

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