Saturday, November 10, 2007


i looked at him and said, "you know what,? fuck that, i'm nobody's witness."

i used to hate it too when my mum would dress me... poor little get, she/he? has been completely stripped of any possible dignity. You can see it in the eyes, the little buggers just putting on a brave face

Friday, November 2, 2007


I know this is a secret code for something. Someone once told me that "being subtle is a key to life." I didn't really have the guts to investigate what lay behind the door. Snap snap onward...

drawing board #1

Yesterday I put two pens on a string attached them to blank posters. There was an element of trust in it, I denied my instincts that the pens would be stolen. Well, I at least thought a mark would be made first... So today i eagerly went to check up on them, below is the result. Bastards. A thankyou for the pens would have been nice...


Thursday, November 1, 2007

sculpture bully...

I used to be the kid that spoilt the fun of twenty or so people by accidentally booting the only football us poor bastards could afford on to a roof. Who ever did this, i feel you. It kind of made the art come alive though no?

same same but different

I just went to zurich to see Peter Regli's solo show entitled "same same but different". It was amazing... honest. The space he exhibited in was an old church in the center of town, Helhaus Zurich.

The wall full of cuckoo clocks went off every hour for about 4 minutes, it created a really interesting sound scape. Check out his site... There are loads of interesting projects on there.

www.realityhacking .com

Enchanted Forest

This was the last show I curated at Lobot Gallery in Oakland California ( At the opening a few kids camped out overnight in tents. The digital tree was created by Ross G. Campbell, and the photo's on the wall to the left of the tree are by Sangyon Joo. Lucrecia Troncoso made the green deer, the material is irish spring soap. The cardboard castle is a piece by Amy Lee, and the hanging cocoon in the same picture was created with straw wrappers by Evan Holm. The cosy lawn with picnic supplies (wine, bread and cheese) is Abigail Glowgower ( aka Abby G.)

august 4th - september 2nd 2007 "Enchanted Forest"
Art by;
Nathan Ross Davis, Nat Russell, Ryan Junell, Ross G. Campbell, Sangyon Joo, Renee Gertler, David Wilson, Lana Porcello, Abigail Glogower, Amy Lee, Lucrecia Troncoso, Manny Silva, Jesse Schlesinger, John Abduljaami, Stephani Martinez, Lana Porcello and Evan Holm